John Glenn’s Ghost Haunts the Galaxy
Collage 13″ x 18″ – Dec 2007
Cash prize winner in a juried exhibit
at REal Art Gallery in Ann Arbor


Beauty and Weirdness belong together.

The surrealists showed that – a la early last century style.

The Abstract Surrealists extended that.

This century has its version – and a sustainable one — in this type of collage.

Where dreams, the mystical and the real that is more than real (surreal) come together, that is fertile territory.

Fertile for what?

Fertile for coming to know how our minds, bodies and brains work – being able to recognize and relate to new entities and environments we have never seen before.

These collages explore that territory: pictures of lands and entities where no camera can go. Pictures that give us new relations to entities not human. Pictures that explore other worlds and give us a better appreciation of our world.

Put one on your wall as a window into another world that offers a deeper appreciation of this one.

Celebrate the breadth of the mind, and the depth of our potential compassion and understanding.

Travel to interesting places.

Return with an image to hold that place in mind.

An additional aspect of collage as an art medium is that it is alchemy. Turning garbage into gold. Old thrown out or recycled books turn magically into new images never seen before that resonate in strange ways.

Save a landfill. Buy art.

Ken Anbender