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Jazz about Art. Improvisation about improvisation. Riffing on art.

Not an explanation. An exploration.

Hopefully deepening what can be seen and appreciated in the specific art work.

Henry Moore? Marilyn Monroe? In the Dark?

Why not?

My “What Happens In the Dark” series came from an exploration of what would show up if I started a collage with an all black background. People often talk about staring at a white canvas. Well, what about a black one? What comes out of a black hole, or out of nothing — the seeming absence of color and form?

I found the images in the series to be dreamier. Free. More “popped forward” as if lit by an inner light relative to the dark background.

Which brings me to Henry Moore, Marilyn Monroe, and the dark.

What occurred to me was several things: Did Henry Moore dream sculpture? And if he did, what would be new there? Maybe he only dreamt his best works….

Since Henry Moore sculpted the essence of women, why not get specific and why not explore Marilyn Monroe?

In this “sculpture” by the “out of the black hole Henry Moore” being channeled through dreaming, “Marilyn’s” breasts and hair come out in new ways for Moore. Overall, the patina and lighting give it great life and presence for starting with black nothingness. And in my view, it communicates a solid and well-balanced sculpture even though its existence is given by cut scraps of paper over black paper.

It calls on the magic of the mind making substantial and symbolic interpretations of visual cues — and giving the background context of black holes and dreaming a voice in the matter.


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